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Cape Buffalo

Buffalo are generally hunted on foot. Older bulls tend to separate from the herds and are solitary or form small bachelor groups often called Kakulis or Dagga boys (meaning mud boys). The best shot placement for buffalo is to hit vital organs, hopefully breaking bone somewhere in the process. Any experienced PH should advise to go for the "boiler room". If hit well, the animal will grunt at impact and take off at a gallop, usually signaling death with a characteristic bellow. Very few shots, regardless of caliber will pull a mature bull to the ground unless the shot hits the spine.

The meanest of them all!! Every hunter dreams to confront a Cape Buffalo and test their skills under extreme pressure of facing the the Black Death! RSA has a large number of Cape Buffalo. Most will be hunted on large (5000 acres plus) high fence private ranches. Expect to get 36 to 38 inch on average with the odd 40 inches for the luck hunter! Monster individual bulls (42 to 48 inches) are available at very high premiums. Free ranging Buffalo are very limited in RSA but we have access to some great areas for this type of hunt.

At first the prices of Cape Buffalo in RSA might seem very high but in fact it is in line with the rest of Africa. In RSA, we do not have a minimum amount of days for hunting Buffalo. This is to the hunter's advantage. In Tanzania you need a 10 day hunt at USD 1500 per day plus a Trophy fee of USD 2500, excluding government fees. a Minimum total of USD 17,000 per Buffalo.

In RSA we are looking at an all inclusive Buffalo hunt starting at USD 12,000 up to USD 17,000. So make sure you add all costs of a hunt before signing the contract. Remember, only a very rich man can afford a cheap hunt! This is particularly true on Buffalo hunts!


Hunting Buffalo Bulls - 2016 & 2015                                

Hunting Buffalo Bulls - 2014 & previous years                                


Hunting Buffalo Cows - 2016 & 2015

Hunting Buffalo Cows - 2014 & previous years


Name Cape Buffalo
Scientific Name Syncerus caffer
Average Weight Male 800 Kg
Average Weight Female 750 Kg
Shoulder Height Male 140 cm
Shoulder Height Female 132 cm
Mating Season April, May


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