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TIA Safaris is the right choice for family hunts. All our camps lend themselves for a perfect family vacation. Our Professional hunters show great patience in accommodation young, first-time hunters. We have special family packages available to make it possible for you to bring your whole family, hunters & non-hunters.


International clients are advised to make flight arrangements to Oliver Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport from where a linked flight to Polokwane international airport (Limpopo province) is advised. Upon arrival visitors will be met by our friendly staff and then driven in a comfortable vehicle to the hunting location as agreed.


A temporary importation license is required for all firearms to enter South Africa. Some documentation (required by the South African Police Service) is required in this regard, and clients who are interested in bringing their own rifles along are requested to ask us for more detail in this regard. We do have expert people rendering a special service available to assist clients in this regard. Clients can also bring along their own ammunition not to exceed 200 rounds per calibre. Ammunition can however, also be bought in South Africa with the temporary import permit as issued for a specific rifle. Clients are advised to confirm availability of ammunition at the local dealer prior to arrival.


We do have some fire arms available at a small additional charge if a client does not wish to bring his own rifle along.


Calibers .243 and bigger will be allowed. Recommended rifles for a specific hunt (according to animals booked) will be discussed between client and Professional hunter during the booking process. Hunters would be required to shoot a reasonable grouping before commencement of a hunt. According to law it will be required that all rifles be placed in a safe when not hunting.


Bows should be checked for accuracy before each hunt. Local dealers do stock all equipment that might be needed. It is advisable that a client discusses equipment needed with the Professional Hunter for specific animals to be hunted, due to requirements as set out by law in this regard.


Hunting normally takes place within reasonable distance from medical facilities and/or a pharmacy with over-the-counter medication. It is however highly recommended that visitors bring along medicine that might be needed.

Please Note : Though we are not hunting in a direct malaria zone, but sometimes close to such areas, we recommend that clients do take a malaria remedy/medication as prescribed by a physician.


We recommend the use of lightweight cotton clothing in natural colours like khaki, green or camouflage. Pants and long sleeve shirts are recommended for better protection against scrapes and sunburn. Short sleeve shirts and shorts may also be worn at own discretion. Hunting boots must be worn-in and comfortable. A wide rim hat is advised as it protects the neck and face from the African sun. A jacket should be included for early morning and evenings.


This Is Africa Safaris and its personnel will take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of our clients, but we cannot be held liable for any injury, illness, accident or loss that occurs while on safari. We recommend that clients obtain their own insurance against any of the above, including a cancellation insurance.


The climate in our area can be hot in summer months reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. In the winter (May –July) temperatures can drop to as low as 0 degrees Celsius.


We would like to recommend (remind) bringing along the following:-

• Small torch
• Pocket/hunting knife/Leatherman
• Binoculars
• Camera/Video camera
• Sunburn protection cream
• Prescription medicine (if needed)
• All items of a personal nature
• Documents needed/prescribed for importation of rifles

As information:-

• We are always in areas not very far away from towns/shops/hospitals for any needs or emergencies
• Most areas we operate in do have cell phone reception, allowing visitors to make/be in frequent contact
with their loved ones/families by telephone/email

For a quality hunt you must book with a reputable Outfitter and PH. Fantastic areas and logistics do not come cheap. Our service is of the highest standard and we have no hidden costs. The price you are given, is the price you'll pay. We are professional and organized. By booking with TIA Safaris, you choose experience, piece of mind and the best hunt out there. See you in Africa!