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African Outfitters

We also cater for outfitters in some of our big game hunting areas, due to great quotas we have signed.

To Outfitters we can cater for the following:                                                                 * Scroll down please

- Buffalo             - Elephant
- Lion                 - Crocodile
- Hippo               - Spotted hyena

Plains game will be open for hunting when combined with one of the above, and only when combined. Plains game safaris are not available to outfitters otherwise.

* Hunting:

We have an exceptional success rate on the above mentioned species, due to hunting in very wild and game rich areas. Ongoing excellent game management & species diversity, contributes to makes great hunting possible on our combined concessions of approximately 100 000 Hectares (200 000 Acres) of prime hunting in nature reserves as well as “free range” big game hunting in South Africa.


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* Accommodating your clients:

We also provide our same star rated lodging facilities ranging from luxury tented camps, guesthouses and bush lodges and services that we provide our own clients.

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We have a very long reference list from some of the most reputable outfitters in South Africa that make use of our extended services.



Contact us for more information, we look forward to hearing from you, the Outfitter!

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